My Philosophy
...every child has the right to a nurturing, safe environment where they are comfortable and feel safe while learning.
...children have a right to develop to thier maximum potential and that I, as their teacher, have the responsibility to provide ample opportunities, various experiences and an advantageous learning environment to meet a child's learning style so that they may flourish in a constant altering world.
...that each child is unique and should be valued for their own individuality.
  • I honor, respect and accept diversity among children; either developmental, emotional, physical or racial and cultureal heritage.
  • i recognize that all opportunities must be equitable for every child.
...every child has the right to develop a positive self-image.
  • I understand that feelings of self-worth, confidence, trust and physical wellbeing are important to a child.
...those who share a mutual interest in a child must work co-operatively to nurture, promote growth and learning.  Thereby resulting in a child who is a successful, confident and productive citizen within today's ever changing society.
  updated 2020/2012/2003

 Mrs. Adams 

No, David!
No, David!

Rereading familiar text.

Muffin Tin Games
Muffin Tin Games

Using games to learn beginning sounds, medial sounds and final sounds.


Using IPads to read stories and ST Math.

Room 17a